Friday, April 22, 2011

O.K. Listen...

I know we have been really MIA for over a year now, with little spurts of posts here and there; but there have definitely been some reasons for that.

As you know, we didn't score a CSA last year, and seeing as that was our inspiration, it pretty much made things pretty difficult for us to keep the updating coming with things we bought (most of the awesomeness of a CSA is that you have to create something with what you get). Compile that with finally being close to a lot of family, and trying to explore a new city and you get a little tied up in commitments.

Oh shit, did I mention we have been planning our wedding? In TWO weeks from today we will be getting married just outside of Philly. We have taken a lot of care to make sure that the caterer we chose follows our food philosophy. So we are sourcing a lot of products from my hometown and around the greater Philly area to make our epic menu possible. Plus, there are bad ass vegan options. I don't know if you have ever been to a wedding as a veggie/vegan but it usually really freaking blows. Not our wedding. Actually since Katie and I have both been eating vegan since the beginning of the year, I don't think I will even want to try the other offerings. Our vegan menu pretty much blows everything else away.

Damn, I am rambling. Must be all the Danzig in my headphones right now...

Last point:
WE HAVE A CSA THIS YEAR!!!! And it is with a great community of other like-minded folks. We will get into details later, but the basic point of this update was to say just a few things:

We are getting married!
NYC is pretty awesome!
oh, and we are back after out Costa Rican honeymoon!

Happy Earth Day, and lots of love,