Wednesday, August 20, 2008

welcome to the beginning of our CSA delivery blog

Hi! I suppose we should introduce ourselves. We are Katie & Kenny.
Katie is a photographer and she is hoping to learn more about food photography as a side effect of this blog. Kenny is a full-time Whole Foods employee, part-time party machine. Kenny is the mastermind behind the majority of the recipes you will find here. We have lived together in San Francisco for about a year and everyone who visits us spends roughly 25% of the time complaining about how goddamn cold it is here. We don't mind it so much, in fact, we recently took advantage of one of the many benefits the climate has to offer- year-round local produce delivery!

If you are not familiar, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically that means that we pay a monthly fee to a local farm to have just-freaking-picked-the-day-before produce delivered to our front door. Not only is this just about as green as it gets, it has changed our whole culinary life.

We have spent
most of our adulthood being vegetarian (Katie), or vegan (Kenny). Even though we still stick to a mostly meat-free diet, we have no reservations about trying anything new. We are also both trying to eat healthier so we don't get fat in our old age.

This blog is meant to document what we get from Capay Valley each week and what exactly we do with it.
We couldn't be more satisfied with the quality and variety of the produce we have received. We hope our blog will inspire others to increase their use of seasonal ingredients and also provide ways to make produce taste SO GOOD! (ARROWED!)

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