Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Katie's reaction to "Caesar-ish" veggie salad

A g-chat from today:

kenny: blog is updated
3:10 PM me: thanks love!
(takes two minutes to read the blog)
3:13 PM kenny:yes, you ate mustard
3:14 PM and you LIKED IT
me: it's better that i was unaware because i'm sure i would have been completely disgusted
3:15 PM kenny: are you going to be able to help me finish it now?
me: i'll try
and then we are totally breaking up
3:16 PM kenny: :-(
me: haha
i'm tempted to just post this chat on the blog
kenny: go for it. MUSTARD LIKER
3:17 PM me: bastard

So folks, the moral of the story is that even if you HATE MUSTARD (which you should), you will still like the "Caesar-ish" veggie salad!

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