Monday, September 7, 2009

cantaloupe caprese

Well, we had planned to make something entirely different with this cantaloupe and some fresh mozzarella, but unfortunately the teeny tiny fresh mozz balls we bought at Safeway just happened to have been opened before we bought them (we didn't check, dummies) and so Katie had to roam the neighborhood for a substitute and this is all she could find. Fortunately for us (and the BBQ we were having in mere moments) it tasted wonderful. The sweetness of the melon, mixed with the olive oil, herbs, salt, pepper, and the freshness and texture of the mozzarella made for one heck of a salad. This is super in a pinch and so, so easy. What a happy accident!


1 cantaloupe, peeled, seeded, 1/2" dice
12 oz marinated fresh mozzarella boccocini
salt and pepper to taste

You can cut the melon ahead of time, but I wouldn't toss it with the marinated mozzarella or seasonings until about 15 minutes before you serve it. I would fear that the salt (which is one of the reasons its so good) might leech out too much moisture from the melon. It's just as simple as mix, toss, and eat! We took this down in minutes!

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