Saturday, July 4, 2009

philly cheesesteaks

A belated happy 4th to everyone! Is it just me or did the Fourth of July kind of come out of nowhere this year? Maybe it's just because we had a long weekend last week, due to Pride & having a friend in town. We spent the 4th hanging out in the Panhandle during the day then went over to Cang's to make some food and watch movies. We couldn't see any fireworks because of the thick blanket of fog and it just kinda of felt like any other Saturday. Luckily for Kenny & I, we are going to see some spectacular fireworks when we go on vacation to Vancouver at the end of the month!

Anyways, we used some red onion & sweet peppers from the CSA to make philly cheesesteaks!

And they were awesome! No real recipe here... Cang & Kara had purchased some filet mignon, we provided the onion & peppers and we made a great jalapeno jack cheese sauce to top them off. Yum!

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