Friday, November 27, 2009


Here are the recipes I made for our annual Thanksgiving potluck this year:

No-cream creamed spinach from the White House via the NY Times.

some screwed up combination of these two carrot soup recipes: Carrot soup from 101 Cookbooks, and Carrot and red lentil soup from What For Lunch, Honey? (Btw, just found that blog and it's beautiful!). It's my family's tradition to serve a first course of soup at Thanksgiving. So for the last three years that I've been out in SF, I've made soup to bring to our annual potluck. And every year I manage to screw up the soup and need to scramble to save it. This year involved too much salt in the broth and a last minute run to the corner store for a bottle of Odwalla pressed carrot juice and a bag of baby carrots. Next year... I might just skip the soup.

All of these recipes are of course seasonal, using ingredients from the CSA box and they all happen to be vegan and (I believe) gluten-free, though I'm not super familiar with what's allow or not allowed in the gluten-free diet so I could be wrong on that one.

No photos because I suck. Seriously, I don't even have an excuse for our lack of blogging lately- we just really suck.

So, how was your Thanksgiving? What did you make? Any awesome seasonal recipes we should check out?

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  1. I made a super easy Spice Hot Cake. You only need one bowl and one baking dish and its everything you want in a holiday dessert: warm, gooey, and all the spices and smells of Christmas. I think you can make it vegan easily if you wanted to sub Egg Replacer for the egg. The trick is you pour boiling hot water on top of the batter before you put it in the oven and this turns it into a cake with a sticky toffee sauce. Yum.