Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ummmmmmmmm yeah......

Anyone know any good CSA's in New York City? Specifically in Brooklyn. Cause, you know, we have some- *ahem* friends who might be moving there soon. They are a really awesome couple, and kind of can't live without a box. Just friends of ours. Totally. Let us know. For them. Yeah...


  1. Katherine in BrooklynJanuary 25, 2010 at 8:26 AM

    Hi - there are quite a few CSAs in Brooklyn - which one someone might choose depends on where they live, and the convenience of the pickup location. I travel a lot, so personally prefer to stick with the many farmers markets in the city. These go year-round, but obviously the produce options are limited in the winter (probably more limited than in California!). The biggest one is of course the Union Square market in Manhattan several days a week, but really now pretty much every Brooklyn neighborhood has its own market, at least on Saturdays. The Grand Army Plaza and Fort Greene Park markets are good options, but there are really quite a few, so again it depends on where one lives and which is most convenient. Another option to be aware of is the Park Slope Food Coop -- all members work monthly, which may or may not be an attractive feature! For your other food shopping needs, nothing beats Fairway (there is a Brooklyn location in Red Hook, helps to have a car). I think Brooklyn is also unique in terms of our large number of community gardens, which are easy to get involved with. Community composting is also big - most parks/farmers markets collect compost. Good luck... to your friends... Brooklyn is great!

  2. Lucky 'friends'! And yes, life without a delivered box feels complicated. You actually have to come up with ideas from scratch! And then lug all the stuff home. With a box, you just need to come up with ways to use the ingredients.

    It's funny to have see my personal transformation from panic at my 'once every two weeks' boxes of kale and chard five years ago to my discomfort coming up with an idea not based on now weekly FFTY content.

  3. If those "friends" of yours have a blog they better keep it going.

  4. We will have to compare boxes now.