Thursday, April 1, 2010

eating seasonally in brooklyn

Hi! Remember us? We've missed you! We just moved into our apartment on (a very cold and rainy) Tuesday. We're still getting our kitchen set up but we are absolutely going to be reviving our blog. We are still trying to decide on a CSA based in NYC that offers a decent amount of variety while still having somewhat easy to access a pick-up location. In the meantime we will be shopping the Green Market at Union Square Park (WHICH HAS RAMPS NOW!!!), and will begin getting back to blogging full-time as soon as we get some more furniture, and finish getting settled. We moved in to a really amazing apartment in South Williamsburg and have a MUUUUUCH larger and nicer kitchen than before! Thanks for hanging with us for so long, and we apologize for being gone for so long, but this move and our recent sublet have kept us out of the kitchen for a hot minute.

So... Look forward to more great recipes, silly anecdotes, and cooking tips from Katie and I. And while you are doing so, keep it local, and drink some good beer.

Any help on CSAs in Brooklyn would be amazing, even Southern Manhattan is doable since I (Kenny) work there. Also any help or tips for backyard gardens in NYC would be great as we plan to plant about 50 sq. feet of space with TONS of veggies!

Thanks for reading, and any advice you can give,


  1. I have never been to Brooklyn, so I don't have any advice for you two. But... I just want to say it's good to see you online again! I wish you luck in your new adventures. Take care.

  2. There's a farmer's market in McCarren Park, which is on the north end of Williamsburg. It's Saturday morning-ish, I think, but here's a handy chart of when different farmer's markets happen in the entirety of New York,

    Wish I had more to offer CSA-wise, but I've never had to loot to get one. Good luck though!