Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, I added a list over there on the right with links to fellow CSA recipients' blogs. If anyone reading this gets a CSA delivery from FFTY too, let me know and I will add a link to your blog or website. It doesn't have to be a food website. Just thought it'd be an nice way to get a little community.

p.s.: We only made 8 posts in all of January?! Yeah, we were on vacation but still! Expect lots more cooking this month!


  1. we have a lot of great watercress and baby arugula recipes on our sites and we'd love a link. Please go to www.watercress.com

  2. thanks for the link, i've returned it.

  3. No website but, as 2 year FFTY veteran, I'm happy to find your site and will add it to my igoogle.

    I, of course, love the delivery but I especially love how my cooking and eating is changing/progressing with time.

    I still very clearly remember the days where I couldn't tell the difference between chard, collard Greens and kale. It just wasn't that long ago.