Monday, December 22, 2008

weekly delivery 12/22

Since it is Christmas week, all of the deliveries from our CSA, Farm Fresh To You, were pushed ahead two days. So our box came Monday instead of Wednesday This morning we received:

5 navel oranges
1 bunch green chard

1 bulb fennel
6 Bartlett pears
1 bunch dinosaur kale
6 Meyer lemons
1 bunch leeks
1 head baby lettuce
a bunch of brussel sprouts

*p.s.: The blog will be a little sparse for the next few weeks because we are going on vacation to the east coast. We've had to stop our box delivery for the next three weeks. I'm pretty bummed about that, but we will be sure to document ourselves getting fat from all the east coast pizza we're gonna eat. We'll be gone Jan 5th through the 15th and CSA service will start again on the 21st.

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